History of Edwin Van Os, CEO of Enfusion

Edwin Van Os (born 16 May 1969) in Alkmaar, The Netherlands. Edwin attended school in Alkmaar and after secoundry school he attended Detex TMO textile management in Doorn during 1987-1989 which educated him in retail and the textiles industry. Edwin then began his own retail chain of shops called Van Os and soon ran 7 outlets. Edwin started training in kickboxing in 1988 at the age of 19. In 1994 he bought his trainers gym named Georges Grandjean which was situated opposite one of the shop outlets, he re named it Gym Alkmaar and began teaching full time. He soon attracted new students to the gym and started a new generation of fighters producing some of the top names Ozkan Oktay, Sahin Kaas Yakut and Dennis Strybis who fought World wide and became champions which then started to put gym Alkmaar on the map.

Gym Alkmaar became very popular with students wanting to train. The demand for his tuition soon out grew the original gym of 100 square meters so Edwin moved to a bigger premises of 1500 square meters during 1996 creating more space and an fully equipped enviroment for his students to train full time. Which soon attracted many more fighters which moved from abroad to train with him in his new full time gym which soon became renowned. Many big names were produced in Gym Alkmaar.. Gago Drago Dennis De Rus Pislik Yakut Joeri Mes Lloyd Van Dams Badr Hari Melvin Manhoef Thiago Tavares (UFC) Fabiano Scherner (UFC)

2002 Edwin started a new company with Simon Rutz for promoting events and managing professional fighters the name of the company was “Its showtime”. It grew over the years, with the highlight event held once per year in the Amsterdasm arena in the soccer stadium of ajax drawing crowds of 15,000 spectactors. and prodcasted world wide. In 2004 Remon Daalder joined partnership and in 2006 Edwin and Ramon Daalder started resort Superpro Samui in Thailand which is thriving to this day as top professional fighters travel especially to Superpro to prepare for their upcoming bouts fight and to make use of the 4 boxing rings, cage, fitness center whilst staying in the camp facilities.

During 2007 Edwin started working on productions, initially as a commentator before becoming host of the show, as well as its producer, director and executive producer. A very versatile individual. Edwin started the brand Enfusion Reality in 2008, a reality production bringing the top fighters from across the world to compete for the prestigious Enfusion World Title belts in different weight catergories along with a cash prize.

2011 Edwin added another label to his ever growing business, Fighting rookies would be the first stepping stone for a semi professional fighter to be exposed and a chance to be scouted by Edwin Van Os himself.

Its showtime was sold in 2012, leaving Edwin no longer in partnership, this would allow him with his own visions of broadcasting in the kickboxing world.

2013 Enfusion Live was born. A concept to broadcast a top production as well as top fighters from around the world to the spectators at home. Enfusion live is currently running very strong hosting 12 Enfusion Live events per year from different countries and show casing the new stars in the sport. Edwin began his own management company in 2013 and holds a strong stable of fighters which he has scouted himself.

RESULTS Kickboxing Talents 11, Dublin, Ireland Saturday 11.7.2015

1. 3X3                                                -63Kg

Peter Brodigan (Ireland) Vs James Barber (Ireland)

WINNER- James Barber (Ireland)

  2.  3X3                                                -70Kg

Aaron Browne (Ireland) Vs Alex Akiminov (Lithuania)

WINNER- Aaron Browne (Ireland)

 3. 3X3                                                -70Kg

Dave McCarthy (Ireland) Vs Syzsmon Kozak (Poland)

WINNER- Dave McCarthy (Ireland)

4. 3X3                                    -67Kg

Michael O Donovan (Ireland) Vs Sasa Svitlica (Serbia)

WINNER- Michael O Donovan (Ireland)

 5. 3X3                                                -80Kg

Brian Amos (Ireland) Vs Keith McCabe (Ireland)

WINNER- Brian Amos (Ireland) Points after a 4th Rd

Results Kickboxing Talents 10, Amsterdam, The Netherlands Sunday 24.05.2015 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  1. 3X3     – 57 Kg

Sammy-Lee Brown (Australia)    Vs       Soraya Haurissa (Indonesia)

WINNER POINTS Sammy-Lee Brown (Australia)

2. 3X3 – 63 Kg

Pascal Koster (Indonesia)       Vs        Atilhan Gungor  (Turkey)

WINNER POINTS Pascal Koster (Indonesia)

3.  3X3   – 54 Kg

Priscilla Davids (Surinam)       Vs     Samira Hamham (Morocco)

WINNER POINTS Samira Hamham (Morocco)

4. 3X3     – 80 Kg

Yousri Belgaroui  (Tunisia)    Vs    Youssef Elyaacoubi (Morocco)

WINNER POINTS Yousri Belgaroui  (Tunisia)

5. 3X3     – 67 Kg

Mohamed Didouh  (Morocco) Vs  Anouar Lahmaj  (Morocco)

WINNER POINTS Mohamed Didouh  (Morocco)

6. 3X3      -85 Kg

Ibrahim El Boustati (Morocco) Vs   Clyde Brunswijk (Surinam)

WINNER POINTS Ibrahim El Boustati (Morocco)

7. 3X3      -63 Kg

Hamza Essalih (Morocco) Vs    Massaro Glunder (The Netherlands)

WINNER POINTS after a 4th extra Rd Hamza Essalih (Morocco)

RESULTS Kickboxing Talents 9, Zilina, Slovakia, Saturday 25.04.2015
1. 3X3 – 80 Kg
David Šubjak (Slovakia) Vs Peter Šmid (Slovakia)
WINNER points David Šubjak (Slovakia)

2. 3X3 – 75 Kg
Michal Helbich (Slovakia) Vs Martin Kluska (CZE)
WINNER points Michal Helbich (Slovakia)

3. 3X3 – 85 Kg
Denis Kušmirek (Slovakia) Vs Peter Skovajsa (Slovakia)
WINNER 2nd Rd KO Denis Kušmirek (Slovakia)

4. 3X3 – 75 Kg
Pavol Garaj (Slovakia) Vs Jakub Gazdik (CZE)
WINNER points Jakub Gazdik (CZE)

5. 3X3 – 85 Kg
Ivo Zednicek (Slovakia) Vs Artur Gorlov (Latvia)
WINNER points Artur Gorlov (Latvia)

6. 3X3 Reserved -70kg Tournament fight – 70 Kg
Martin Gaňo (CZE) VS Stefan Meszaros (Slovakia)
WINNER points Martin Gaňo (CZE)

7. 3X3 Heavyweight
Martin Pacas (Slovakia) Vs Tomáš Hron (CZE)
WINNER points Tomáš Hron (CZE)


RESULTS Kickboxing Talents 8 Tenerife Saturday 18.04.2015
1. 3X3 – 85Kg
Yousri Belgaroui (Tunisia) Vs Alcorac Caballero Lopez(Spain)
WINNER POINTS Yousri Belgaroui (Tunisia)

2. 5X3 Muay Thai – 60 KG
Alex Dass Rey (Spain) Vs Isaac Araya (Spain)
WINNER POINTS Alex Dass Rey (Spain)

3. 3X3 Muay Thai – 70 Kg
Nauzet Trujillo Hernández (Spain) Vs Aitor Alonso (Spain)
WINNER POINTS Nauzet Trujillo Hernández (Spain)

4. 3X3 – 75 Kg
Aday Barrera (Spain) Vs Raul Martin (Spain)
WINNER 1st Rd KO Raul Martin (Spain)

5. 3X3 – 63 Kg
Pascal Koster (The Netherlands) Vs Carlos Araya (Spain)
WINNER POINTS Carlos Araya (Spain)

6. 3X3 – 85 Kg
Tom De Smet (The Netherlands) Vs Francisco Javier Jorge (Spain)
WINNER 3rd Rd KO Francisco Javier Jorge (Spain)




RESULTS: Kickboxing Talents 6 Turnhout Belgium Saturday 14.03.2015

1. 3X3 – 75 Kg
Anouar Lahmaj (Morocco) Vs Yassin Baitar (Morocco)
WINNER BY POINTS- Yassin Baitar (Morocco)

2. 3X3 – 75Kg
Youssef Boulatarie (Belgium) Vs Benjamin Masudi (Congo)
WINNER BY POINTS- Youssef Boulatarie (Belgium)

3. 3X3 – 70Kg
Ahmed Zragua (Morocco) Vs Arman Hambaryan (Armenia)
WINNER BY POINTS- Arman Hambaryan (Armenia)

4. 3X3 – 65 Kg
Buray Bozar Yilmaz (Turkey) Vs Youssef El Haji (Morocco)
WINNER BY TKO- Buray Bozar Yilmaz (Turkey)

5. 3X3 – 75 Kg
Vincent Gloris (Belgium) Vs Mohamed Chbabi (Morocco)
WINNER BY POINTS- Vincent Gloris (Belgium)

6. 3X3 – 70Kg
Ali Makhi (Morocco) Vs Lom-Ali Eskijew (Chechnya)
WINNER KO ROUND 1- Lom-Ali Eskijew (Chechnya)

7. 3X3 – 67Kg
Joauad El Khababi (Morocco) Vs Issam Laarbi (Morocco)
WINNER BY POINTS- Issam Laarbi (Morocco)

RESULTSKickboxing Talents Eindhoven The Netherlands 07.02.2015

1. 3X3 Heavyweight
Alberto Dos Passos (Curacao) Vs Nico Pereira Horta (Cape Verde)

Winner–Nico Pereira Horta (Cape Verde)

Alberto Dos Passos (Curacao) shoulder dislocated after the first round


2. 3X3 -67Kg

Jaimy Duijmelinck (The Netherlands) Vs Issam Laazibi (Morocco)

Winner– Issam Laazibi (Morocco)

Jaimy Duijmelinck (The Netherlands) disqualified


3. 3X3 Heavyweight

Ralph Blewanus (The Netherlands) Vs Gordon Haupt (Germany)

Winner– Ralph Blewanus (The Netherlands) 1st round TKO


4. 3X3 -60Kg
Tommy Dieckmann (The Netherlands) Vs Ilias Ennahachi (Morocco)

Winner– Ilias Ennahachi (Morocco)


5. 3X3 -70Kg
Edson Fortes (Cape Verde) Vs Bilal Kasrioui (Morocco)

Winner Points– Edson Fortes (Cape Verde)


6. 3X3 Heavyweight
Fikri Ameziane (Morocco) Vs Shkelqim Ademaj (Germany)

Winner Points– Fikri Ameziane (Morocco)


7. 3X3 -63Kg
Jusef Moujahid (Morocco) Vs Ali Zoubai (The Netherlands)

Winner Points– Ali Zoubai (The Netherlands)



RESULTS Kickboxing Talents Antwerp, Belgium 21.12.2014


Kickboxing  Talents

Sven Twisk (Holland) won via unanimous points decision in the -67 kg four man tournament final against Volkan Sanatci (Morocco)


Jusef Moujahid (Morocco) won via unanimous points decision againstJaouad El Khabai (Morroco)


Ralph Blewanus (Holland) needed just 45 seconds to pick up a TKO victory over Koos Kivits (Holland)


Sheena Widdershoven won via unanimous points decision againstFrederica Sbaraglia (Italy)


Soufiane Kaddouri (Morocco) won via 1st round knockout againstErvin Karsen (Indonesia)


Volkan Sanatci (Morocco) won via unanimous points decision in the -67 kg four man tournament semi final against Samed Stokey(Nigeria)


Sven Twisk (Holland) won via unanimous points decision in the -67kg tournament semi final against Badr Lazaar (Morocco)

1. Semi Final 3×3
Sven Twisk (The Netherlands) Vs Badr Lazaar (Morocco) 67KG
Winner Points Sven Twisk (The Netherlands)

2. Semi Final 3×3
Samed Stokey (Nigeria) Vs Volkan Sanatci (Turkey) 67KG
Winner Points Volkan Sanatci (Turkey)

3. 3×3
Soufiane Kaddouri (Morocco) Vs Ervin Karsen (Indonesia) 63KG
Winner Rd 1 KO Soufiane Kaddouri (Morocco)

4. 3×3
Sheena Widdershoven (The Netherlands) Vs Federica Sbaraglia (Italy) 65KG
Winner Points Sheena Widdershoven (The Netherlands)

5. 3×3
Koos Kivits (The Netherlands) Vs Ralph Blewanus (The Netherlands)
Winner KO Rd 1 Ralph Blewanus (The Netherlands)

6. 3×3
Jusef Moujahid (Morocco) Vs Jaouad El Khababi (Morocco)
Winner Points Jusef Moujahid (Morocco)
7. 3×3
Tournament Final

Sven Twisk (The Netherlands) Vs Volkan Sanatci (Turkey) 67KG
Winner Points Sven Twisk (The Netherlands)- Tournament Winner

Results Kickboxing Talents Groningen The Netherlands 23.11.2014

Giorgi Khupenia (Georgia) won the -67kg four man tournament defeating Khalid Elmoukadam (Morocco) with a unanimous points decision in the final.

Robin Ciric (Serbia) won via unanimous points decision against Ferrand Singa (Republic of Congo).
Bernardus Van Maaren (Holland) won via split decision against Nick Morsink (Germany).
Elwin Teymurov (Holland) won via majority decision against Sherkhan Momand (Afghanistan).
Tolga Meurs (Holland) won via unanimous decision against Stefan Vos (Holland).
Giorgi Khupenia (Georgia) won via unanimous decision against Remmelt Top (Holland).
Khalid Elmoukadam (Morocco) won via unanimous decision against Pascal Koster (Holland).